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Hi. I’m Carlos but many people call me Kiko, a nickname given by my parents when I was just a few months old. I was born in Madeira Island, Portugal, Google it if you don’t know where it is, it’s a beautiful place.

Everything started when I downloaded Photoshop 7.0 around 2003 or so. Back then I was already playing around with HTML and Flash, but the visuals were missing so I gave it a shot. I was hooked. A few years later I went to college and graduated in Communications & Multimedia. I was ready to tackle the world, one pixel at a time.

Throughout the years I worked in many industries and projects as a designer and frontend developer. As time progressed my career shifted to user experience and my background in development and visual design has given me an edge in understanding how things are built and work.

In the last few years, I’ve been leading a team of designers which has challenged me a lot not only as a professional but as a person too. It has been a very rewarding experience and I’m grateful to have been given this opportunity.

Personality wise, Belbin team role says I’m a Shaper and Myers–Briggs Type Indicator says I’m a ISTJ. What all this means is, I’m driven, curious, objective, I like facts and I am decisive. I’m a team player and someone who is there to give you a hand when you need. My emotions are not in front of mind but if anything people management is teaching me is how to deal with this.

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