Irish Rail came to Strata3 with the challenge of turning their non responsive website into a responsive solution without compromising too much the visual design of the older platform.

As visual designer my role was to turn the old framework into a responsive one, guaranteeing that the overall essence of the previous design could still be identified on the new website. While doing this I was also tasked to improve the user experience of the end to end journey within the technological constraints.

Two of the main challenges were the journey selection and the seat reservation. Both had to look the same as the previous platform but working responsibly for any device size.

Since this was an out of the box solution I couldn't change the structure so my strategy was to take the outputted HTML, apply the CSS breakpoints myself and understand what I could or could not do.

[Insert gif of the responsive solution]

Knowing all the constraints I started designing the look and feel and all the iconography needed for the booking journey.

[Insert iconography]

The final stage was designing the rest of the website by making minor adjustments so everything was visually consistent, following the brand guidelines and old designs.

[Insert screen shots live map] [Insert screen station] [Insert screen contacts]